FORUMS 2022 TitleSpeaker/s Category
JanuaryGenerating New Discourses: British Muslim
Women’s Voices in the Media
Dr Sameera Ahmed/
Dr Fauzia Ahmad
March Philosophy, Islam and EducationIbrahim LawsonForum
May Re-Imagining Mathematics Dr Ashna Sen Forum
October 1/10/22 
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‘Imran Khan has initiated a Golden Age in Pakistan” – A Debate

How Official History Obscures the Colonial Role   

Islam in Victorian Liverpool   






M Muntazir & Dr H Reza

Dr L Levidow & Dr M Tabarra 

Dr Y Birt     


Nov 2021

Sep 2021   

July 2021       

Horrid History    

The Mental Health of Immigrants in the UK Regional Forum in Sutton – youth perspectives

Conference    AMR Forum Dr M Tabarra, Dr M (T) Wilkinson, et al    

Dr. Hashim Reza  Hajira Qureshi

February 2006   December

2005   October 2005

Islam and Political Participation in Britain: Between Tradition & Modernity AMR Forum Michael Mumisa July 2005
Finding A Cure in Illness AMR Forum Dr. Hashim Reza February 2005
First Hand Accounts of Tsunami Relief Work (Aceh)   Imtiaz Palak January 2005
Islamophobia in Popular Culture AMR Forum Dr. Anas al Shaikh Ali 16 June 2001
Advances in Genetics and Human Reproduction and their Implications for Islamic Moral Thought AMR Forum Dr. Kabir Banu Az-Zubair 19 May 2001
Pointing Fingers…the Challenge of Social Criticism within the Muslim Community AMR Forum Maleiha Malik 21 April 2001
Open Forum AMR Forum Dr. Farzin Deravi 17 March 2001
Islam and the Challenge of Self-Knowledge AMR Forum Dr. Farzin Deravi 17 February 2001
Who is afraid of Postmodernism? Islam and the Challenge of the Dominant Culture AMR Forum Dr. Bobby Sayyid 27 January 2001
The Moon that Divides…the Science behind Moonsighting AMR Forum Dr. Monzur Ahmed 18 November 2000
Quranic Astronomy AMR Forum Dr. Usama Hasan 23 September 2000
Modern traditions: British Muslim Women in Higher Education AMR/MWHL Forum Fauzia Ahmad 22 July 2000
Islam: A tradition of innovation AMR Forum Ihab El Saie 17 June 2000
Motivation and Spiritual Technologies AMR Forum Zaida Ishfaq 19 February 2000
Inaugural Meeting at Khan’s Tandoori Restaurant AMR Forum n/a 18 December 1999
How do be successful in Your Ph.D. Studies     6 December 1999
Re-Imagining the Ummah: Information Technology and the Changing Boundaries of Muslim Politics AMR Forum Dr. Peter Mandeville 27 November 1999
Kosovo Crisis     25 April 1999
Philosophy Seminar     19 April 1999
Art for God’s Sake Conference and exhibition   20 February 1999
Is There An Islamic Epistemology? AMR Forum Dr AbdulKarim Soroosh 19 December 1998
Programming Club     15 March 1998
How Do We Know? A Philosophy Seminar Seminar   21 March 1998
Internet Awareness Seminar   Summer 1998
An Agenda for the Future of IT in the Community     7 February 1998
How to be Successful in Your PhD Studies – Manchester Intensive Course   12 May 1997
How to be Successful in Your PhD Studies – Warwick Intensive Course   17 December 1996
Public Authority in Islam: Principles & Realities Seminar Dr. Laith Kubba. 6 June 1996
The Quranic Conception of History Seminar Professor Askari 13 June 1996
An Analysis of Montgomery Watt’s Economic Interpretation of the Rise of Islam Seminar Professor M. Ali 21 June 1996
The Message of Fazlur Rahman Seminar Mohammad Yahya Birt 27 June 1996
Science and Islam: A Public Discussion Seminar   14 March 1996
A-Level Religious Studies (Islam) Courses: Limitations and Possibilities Seminar   17 February 1996
How to be Successful in Your PhD Studies Intensive Course   19 December 1995
And The Die Was Cast: 2nd Conference on History of Islam Seminar n/a 23 September 1995