AMR is an association of people engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, its dissemination and its application as part of their worship of The Creator – people aiming to coordinate and direct their learning, teaching, and professional activities towards the betterment of humankind and the pleasure of God.

AMR brings together Muslims who are involved in the knowledge process, through the organization of research groups and provision of channels for the exchange, dissemination and application of knowledge. Through such cooperation and exchange of ideas the association aims to reinforce the potential of its members in their aim to serve God and His creation.

The activities of the association include all spheres of knowledge from the experimental sciences to the arts. The association aims to set up amongst its members special interest groups and learned societies concentrating on particular areas of knowledge. The association aims to concentrate and direct its activities and resources in areas which are of most significance to the Muslim community and to humankind in order to bring the results of its efforts to be relevant to the lives and futures of people.