Professional Member

An individual who apart from a University first degree (or equivalent experience) has gained at least five years professional experience which could include post-graduate study.

Associate Member

An individual who is above the age of 16 years and who may hold a University first degree but who is not in study nor has yet gained five years experience in a professional environment.

Student Member

Those who are currently engaged in academic study up to and including the level of a University first degree or its equivalent.

Subscription Fees

Subscription Category Per Year Monthly Standing Order
Professional Member £36.00 £3.00
Associate Member £24.00 £2.00
Student Members £18.00 £1.50

Membership of Learned Societies and Special Interest Groups

As well as Membership of AMR, payment of these fees would also entitle the individual to be a Member of ONE of AMR’s Learned Societies (LS) or Special Interest Groups (SIG).


The designation of Fellow is an honorary title which is bestowed by AMR on any Member in any category, who has excelled in their contribution to the knowledge process. Fellows continue to pay the fees appropriate to their category of membership.

Overseas Members

AMR welcomes membership from those residing outside the UK and Eire. To cover postage costs, each category of membership fee is subject an Overseas surcharge of £6.00 for those living in the ‘developed’ world. No surcharge applies for those living in ‘developing’ countries.

Concessionary Rates

Where two or more family members resident at the same postal address wish to become members of AMR, each additional person pays a flat rate fee of £12.00 per year whatever their category of membership. OAPs and those Unemployed in whichever membership category have a flat fee rate of £12.00 and £6.00 respectively per year.

Monthly Payments

Any member can opt to spread his / her membership fees over twelve months using the standing order mandate provided. The Association encourages this method of payment as it ensures a more stable and regular income enabling the better planning of activities.

Membership Benefits

On joining AMR, each member is entitled to receive a “Membership Pack” which contains the history of AMR, its interim constitution and voting rights of members. As well as the kudos of being associated with and shaping the future of an organization which has the potential to be a watershed development in the progress of the Muslim community and the building of a confident and exemplar civilization, membership will entitle you to:

  • Free receipt of AMR newsletters (four per year) containing news of AMR, LSs, SIGs, items related to the knowledge process and developments relating to this in the UK and abroad.
  • Substantially reduced rates for the purchase of AMR publications and discounted fees for attendance at activities such as conferences, training courses and conventions.
  • Networking with others engaged in the knowledge process, particularly in the same profession/academic area of study/interest. A Membership Directory could eventually be compiled to facilitate this.



Any enquiries about Membership and the application form can be addressed to the AMR office on 020 8699 1887.

Written enquiries can be addressed to: AMR, PO Box 8715, London SE23 3ZB, UK.

eMail: Membership details/form are also available at the AMR web-site:

Qualifications Board

AMR’s Qualifications Board will adjudicate and is the final arbiter on the designation of members and should be referred to in case of doubt about the category of membership that is appropriate.