The ethos of the Education Society is a holistic approach to the promotion of knowledge in the area of education within the general framework of the Association of Muslim Researchers which is described in its Vision Statement. The Society aims to elevate co-operation and the exchange of information among its members with the view to publishing material, supporting and inaugurating projects and taking initiatives for the general betterment of the education process, as it affects the community in terms that are delineated below.

Paramount to the effectiveness of the Society is the validity of defining a comprehensive understanding of education in an Islamic context. The Society holds the defining of education as the intellectual and spiritual growth and development of individuals and the community at large as part of the process towards attaining the knowledge of and nearness to the Creator. It is only such a holistic approach to education that can impress the tangibility of it on all levels and in all spheres. The Society aims to support the successful application of knowledge in practical and ideological terms where short term, long term and spiritual benefits are reaped.


Association of Muslim Researchers Education Society GCE AS Level Religious Studies Course (Philosophy of Religion and World Religions (ISLAM) / AQA Board by Distance-Learning (2005)