The Future is in Your Hands!

Imagine a future when Muslims are badly educated, technically backward, poorly informed. Imagine a world where a faithless science has brought mankind to the brink of destruction. Without a moral foundation life itself has lost its value and has become the victim of progress. No need for a vivid imagination – the future is with us. But can we change it in time?

Investing in Tomorrows

AMR is a unique organization helping to build a better future through harnessing the efforts of people who share Faith and know the value of knowledge. It cannot succeed without the support and participation of Men and Women who sense the need for investing in knowledge.

Knowledge for Life

It is clear that the both the individual and the community as whole is in constant need of acquiring new knowledge in order to live a wholesome and productive life. Potentially all branches of knowledge are of value and everyone has a vital stake in the knowledge process.

Association of Muslim Researchers

AMR is an association of people engaged in the pursuit of knowledge its dissemination and its application as part of their worship of The Creator. AMR brings together all who are involved in the knowledge process through the organization of research groups and provision of channels for the exchange, dissemination and application of knowledge.

The activities of the Association include all spheres of knowledge from the experimental sciences to the arts. The association aims to set up amongst its members special interest groups and learned societies concentrating on particular areas of knowledge.

The Association aims to concentrate and direct its activities and resources in areas which are of most significance to the Muslim community and to humankind in order to make the results of its efforts relevant to the lives and futures of the community, nationally and internationally.

Membership of Learned Societies and Special Interest Groups

As well as Membership of AMR, payment of these fees would also entitle the individual to be a Member of ONE of AMR’s Learned Societies (LS) or Special Interest Groups (SIG). A £3.00 charge per annum is due for each additional LS or SIG Membership.

The Future Starts Today

AMR has been active in co-ordinating research and education within a framework of faith since its inception in 1989. It has established a number of Learned Societies and Special Interest Groups bringing together Muslim researchers and practitioners to generate new knowledge and apply their know-how to real problems in the community.

AMR is an independent, non-sectarian organization, seeking to harness the full spectrum of opinions and abilities of its Members by providing an open platform for their interaction. AMR is committed to a providing a professional service to its members and to the general public and in this respect strives to be fully accountable.

AMR’s Contributions

AMR’s Products may be less tangible than the building of mosques and hospitals but no less valuable in securing a sound and healthy future. Some of the innovative and fundamental contributions of AMR include:

  • AMR has been a pioneer in exploring the educational needs of our community and coming up with new insights and solutions. These have resulted in the establishment of new courses and methods of delivery.
  • In the field of Information Technology, the co-ordinating role of the IT Society has resulted in a number of conferences bringing together Muslims in the field and the establishment of Internet services for the benefit of the community from as early as 1989.
  • The activities of AMR in the area of history has been directed to exploring the historical issues that have traditionally been a source of misunderstanding and division and creating an open platform for their objective exploration.



The principle characteristic of is the faith of its members. This by its essence will distinguish the Association from other groupings as the life-purpose and the motivating force of its members is different from many existing scientific, technical and other learned societies. Membership of AMR is open to all who share its objectives and who are active in the knowledge process: researchers, practitioners, teachers and students. AMR is an independent organization, relying only on the Grace of God and the effort of its members.

The potential range of activities of AMR cover all branches of learning aiming to provide the highest quality of support to members active in their particular areas of knowledge.

AMR, by its very nature, will aim to make its activities of relevance to the Muslim community. An important step towards this goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, whenever this is feasible and desirable, from the fields of research to the domain of action. The Association will therefore endeavour to encourage and facilitate the application of useful knowledge.

AMR, is run professionally and in as far as it is possible, aims for excellence in the quality of its services and activities.

AMR is open to collaboration with existing organizations which are active in the knowledge process. In particular Muslim organizations involved in specific branches of knowledge will be an important resource for collaboration and support. Every possibility for close liaison and joint activity will be explored. AMR is based in the United Kingdom. But participation and membership from other parts of the world will be encouraged.

Resourcing The Association

AMR has had to rely on the work of volunteers for most of its short life. Other sources of funding have come from small grants and a membership drive. The level of resourcing required to achieve the full potential of AMR is far greater, however. That’s where you come in. We need your involvement, as a volunteer, a fund- raiser, a donor and a friend. We would like to build our financial resources so that we can have a core of full time staff to allow our volunteer expert groups to be more productive. Ideally we need a Centre for co-ordination of our knowledge generation and dissemination activities. Such a Knowledge House could be the focus of community and even international activities and greatly enhance the productivity of the Association. We need more resources for publishing the results of our activities and providing training resources to our members and others. The list is endless.