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IT Society Publications

    • Proceedings of the First Conference on Information technology and its Applications, ITA’91, 29 September 1991, Markfield, Leicester, UK. Out of print.
    • Proceedings of the Second Conference on Information technology and its Applications, ITA’92, 19-20 december 1992, Markfield, Leicester, UK. ISBN 1-898886-008
    • Proceedings of the Third Conference on Information technology and its Applications, ITA’94, 1994, Markfield, Leicester, UK. ISBN 1-898886-016

Education Society Publications

Much Ado About Music – Proceedings of the Conference on Islam and Music . ISBN 1-898886-024

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Newsletter Downloads

Newsletter 36:

Newsletter 34: 34.pdf

Featuring: History on the Agenda Again (pg 1), The Veil (pg 3) and Remembering Chechnya (pg 4)

Newsletter 32:

Featuring: AGM and Reunion Report (pg 1 and 4 respectively), Peace Fair Contribution (pg 2), Career to Carer (pg 3) and ”Islamic Music Education” Book Review (pg 6)

Newsletter 31:

Featuring: Convention”s New Youthful Organisers (pg 1), Are Muslims Getting to Grips With Problems? (pg 3), Islam, God and Nuclear fission (pg 4) and ”Understanding Islam First Ten Steps” Book Review (pg 6)

Newsletter 30:

Featuring: ”Horrid History” Forum and Report (pg 1 and pg 3) and ”Mental Health of Immigrants in England- Part 2” (Pg 4)

Newsletter 29:

Featuring: Muslim Youth Challenge (pg 1),  ”Mental Health of Immigrants in England- Part 1” (pg 4) and ”Tackling Alienation which leads to Extremism” (pg 5)

Newsletter 26:

Featuring: Distance Learning Course Development (pg 1), Calendars Festival (pg 2), Problematising Muslim Women (pg 3), Finding a Cure in Illness (pg 4) and The Ongoing Effects of the Tsunami in Aceh (pg 5)