The community of Muslims has a special responsibility and role within the Creation. The Muslims by the virtue of their knowledge of the Final Message from The Creator are responsible to the world to be its guides and to struggle to lead it from the darkness of ignorance and injustice to the domain of clarity and peace. To fulfil this awesome responsibility we have been enjoined to seek knowledge by the Qur’an and Hadith.

The challenges facing the Muslim community throughout the world are many and multi-faceted. To counter these challenges there is no alternative but a vigorous pursuit of knowledge in all fields and its dissemination amongst all who need guidance towards right action. Furthermore, there is a pressing need to facilitate the application of what appropriate knowledge we have to the solution of our problems.

The opportunities for the pursuit of knowledge in Muslim lands have failed to keep up with the ever-increasing needs. This is why it is of critical importance to channel Muslim intellectual resources towards freedom from the shadows of poverty and ignorance.

Against the background of this great responsibility and urgent need there is the reality of Muslim attitudes to research, teaching and learning. Often the educational activities of Muslims are isolated from their spiritual lives. Much research work has been accomplished but has failed to leave the libraries and has failed to be of any relevance to the life of the Muslim Community.

Also many fields of research and learning in which Muslims are currently active are traditionally not considered to be related to Islam. But clearly all branches of knowledge are required if we are to carry out our duties and responsibilities.

The association aims to remedy the shortcomings of the status quo. By providing a forum for Muslim researchers and practitioners in all branches of knowledge and action to cooperate and exchange ideas it hopes to provide an effective framework for the generation and spread of knowledge.