The principle characteristic of AMR is the faith of its members. This by its essence will distinguish the association from other groupings as the life-purpose and the motivating force of its members is different from many existing scientific, technical and other learned societies. Although it is impossible to envisage how exactly this fundamental characteristic of the members will direct the priorities and the programme that they will set themselves in their particular areas of specialization, it is inevitable that the nature of the association will be incomparable to other secular and/or materialistic associations and groupings active in the pursuit of knowledge.

The potential range of activities of AMR cover all branches of learning aiming to provide the highest quality of support to members active in their particular areas of knowledge. Many existing Muslim organizations in related fields tackle specific knowledge areas which may be argued to have higher priorities. But in reality Muslims are currently active in teaching, learning and research in every field of knowledge. There would be benefits from an association of Muslim researchers even if the subject area of their activity may not currently be considered one of priority for the Muslim community. AMR, by its very nature, will aim to make its activities of relevance to the Muslim community.

An important step towards this goal is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, whenever this is feasible and desirable, from the fields of research to the domain of action. The association will therefore endeavour to encourage and facilitate the application of useful knowledge.

AMR, will be run professionally and in as far as it is possible, aims for excellence in the quality of its services and activities.

AMR will be open to collaboration with existing organizations which are active in the knowledge process. In particular Muslim organizations involved in specific branches of knowledge will be an important resource for collaboration and support. Every possibility for close liaison and joint activity will therefore be explored.

It is envisaged that initially AMR will confine its range of operations and publicity to within the United Kingdom. But participation and membership from other parts of the world will be encouraged. The future geographical scope and range of operations will have to be determined on the basis of the performance of the UK activities.